The pros and cons of studying in Regional Australia and the city


Where should I join to study in Australia? Should I study in regional Australia or a city area? There are chances that you might have come across these questions several times. Many overseas students are often getting confused when they have to choose the destination to continue their studies. Of course, there are pros and cons in both regional Australia and in the city area. Based on the research on various factors like lifestyle, facilities, job opportunities, and cost of living, some of the pros and cons of choosing regional Australia and a city area have been listed below.

Pros and cons of Regional Area


  1. Additional year of Post study

As per the Australian government, international students studying under any universities in a regional area will get an additional year of post-study work visa. This visa allows the students to stay back and work full-time in Australia after completing their studies.

  1. More Australian culture

Want to see the real Tru-Blu culture of Australia? Then it is a must for you to study at a regional university. Australian cities are very multicultural whereas Australian towns are the opposite, they just have fewer migrants. So, studying in a regional area will allow you to see, live, and experience the typical Aussie environment of Australia.


  1. Fewer job opportunities

There can be a shortage of jobs in regional areas as most of the regional areas are smaller compared to larger cities. The community aspect is really strong in regional towns and it is a major reason for fewer job opportunities in Australia. This is because most of the employees prefer to give the job to locals first. Lack of public transport, limited environment, and facilities are some of the other cons of regional areas.

Pros and cons of the city area


  1. Facilities

Cities in Australia are one of the liveliest cities in the world. The universities in the city are world-class and have all the facilities like science labs, computer labs, libraries, etc.

  1. More job opportunities

There are endless job opportunities in the city area when compared to the regional area. Getting a job is a crucial factor for most overseas students as they look forward to some part-time job during their study period.


  1. Lots of competition

As there are more job opportunities available in the city are, there is strong competition in the job market as the majority of the overseas students opt to study in the city area.

Final thoughts

With several pros and cons for studying in the city area and regional area, it is suggested that you should find the right one that meets your need and requirements.

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