How to convert a PDF to Excel online for free


Whether you’re trying to get more accurate information from a PDF file or convert it to Excel online for free, there are plenty of options to choose from. But which one is right for you?

Soda PDF

The ability to convert Microsoft Excel files to PDF is a relatively easy task. However, converting Excel files to PDF is different from converting to Word. Before choosing a program to convert your Excel files to PDF, there are many things to consider.

Soda PDF is a powerful PDF conversion solution. It is free to use and supports almost any operating system. The product is offered in both a desktop and online version. The online version has some features that the desktop version doesn’t.

The online version also supports cloud storage services such as Box and SharePoint. Moreover, Soda PDF has built-in OCR capabilities. It means that it can read and extract pages from a PDF. It also offers text formatting, editing tools, and conversion options.

Soda PDF also offers a free trial. It supports over 300 different file formats. If you don’t like the program, you can always return it. It offers email support as well as a forum for questions. There is also a live chat option.

The desktop version of Soda PDF is available for Windows and Mac. It features a seven-day free trial. The software also offers a premium membership, which costs around $10 per three months. The membership allows users to merge PDF files and split PDF files. You can also add passwords to your files.


Able2Extract is a desktop application designed to handle PDF files. This program allows users to perform advanced conversion tasks, such as editing forms, merging pages, and adding annotations. It also includes an automatic OCR mode, which enables users to convert documents containing text.

Able2Extract is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Users can also download a trial version of the program, which allows users to convert three pages at a time. This tool also includes an Excel button on the toolbar, enabling users to convert PDF documents to Excel files easily.

In addition to converting PDFs, Able2Extract can also convert tables from PDF to Excel. During the conversion process, users can specify the structure of the table. The program can also automatically find the table structures in templates and extract the data from these matching structures. The PDF to Excel technology also allows for batch conversion. It converts up to 100 complex tables per minute.

Able2Extract also includes several security features, including adding file permissions, 256-bit password encryption, and electronic signatures. Users can also control the conversion process by selecting a template, allowing them to convert PDF files to Excel at their convenience.


A free PDF-to-Excel online converter is an excellent way to convert a PDF to Excel and retain the original document’s formatting. The best of these free converters are those that offer conversion and editing features. However, consider an effective PDF processor before you start.

WorkinTool is an all-in-one PDF converter. The software works with multiple operating systems and supports. 


An online PDF to Excel converter is a convenient way to convert a PDF file to Excel. It’s a free service that provides a simple user interface and allows users to upload a PDF document and convert it to Excel without losing formatting.

The converter works on both Windows and Mac computers. It can handle native PDF files and scanned PDFs. It supports Excel 2007-2013.

There are also several optional settings that users can configure. You can choose the DPI and output image quality before starting the conversion process. You can also choose the security settings of the document. You can also lock or unlock PDF security features. It will ensure the security of your PDF documents.

There is also an application for Android and iOS devices. You can use it to convert PDF to Excel from your mobile device. You can also add watermarks to your PDF files. The PDF to Excel app is free to download from the Google Play Store. The app can also extract PDF tables from the original PDF and convert them to Excel. It recognizes rows and columns accurately.

The PDF to Excel converter is free to use and provides excellent results. However, the free version may be better if you want to use it to convert multiple PDFs to Excel. Alternatively, you can opt for a paid version of the service to gain access to better performance, more features, and better security.

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