Important visa changes to support international students in Australia


You might have heard the Australian education news regarding the important Visa changes to provide support for international students among the disruptions caused by Covid-19. The changes aim at boosting International student’s confidence in their visa arrangements, so they can look forward to studying in Australia when the conditions are favorable. As per a July 20 joint media release by Alan Tudge and Dan Tehan, they said that the 5 visa changes assure international students who are already in Australia and those who haven’t been able to migrate due to Covid-19 border closures.

The 5 visa changes announced to support international students in Australia ensures that students are not impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and “Australia will remain competitive with other nations”. The 5 visa changes for Australian student visa holders have been listed below.

  1. Student visas will recommence

The Australian government will recommence granting visas to international students in Australia in all locations lodged outside Australia. This means that, by the time the border re-opens, students will already have visas and can make arrangements for their travel.

  1. No charges on visa extension applications

If International students in Australia had been unable to complete their studies within the original visa validity due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they will be able to lodge a further student visa application free of charge.

  1. Online study to count towards the Australian study requirement

International student visa holders who are studying from outside due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be able to use that online study to count for their studying requirements needed for a post-study visa.

  1. You are free to apply for a visa elsewhere

If graduates who held a student visa are unable to return to the country because of the pandemic, they will be able eligible to apply for a post-study work visa outside Australia.

  1. Extension of results

Students are given additional time towards providing their English language results whenever these services are disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The unexpected outbreak of Covid-19 in Australia has caused serious changes to the laws and policies regulating the International student visas in Australia. Sue to the border closure, many International students were unable to return to Australia to continue their studies. Many of their courses were conducted online by the universities to ensure the continuation of courses. The universities and the state government had some plans to bring back international students for the start of the second semester, but all those plans were set to a halt by the second outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in Victoria.

Bottom lines

The Australian government has taken some measures previously and has relaxed work restrictions for International students who are working in health, aged and disability care sectors due to the pandemic.

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