How to balance study, work and everyday life


Balancing work, college and everyday life can be stressful. Working full time and going to university means packing multiple feeds in the morning and racing across the town after work to make it to class. It can take up your ample time and thus very little space may remain for the personal stuff. This is one of the major concerns that students face. So, now the question is how to balance study, work, and everyday life? You can stick to a schedule where you can write things up, make notes, and plan well ahead. This could make your life easier. However, create a balance with your work, study tips, and everyday life.

Make a realistic schedule

The most important thing when balancing study, work, and life is the organization. The first thing you should do is make yourself a comprehensive plan and ensure you are being realistic. Consider the bigger picture front and ask yourself questions. If your course has exams, plan your study schedule wisely, with plenty of time for revision beforehand! Don’t plan a big study session in the evenings if you have a lot of chores to carry at home.

Remove any distractions

Today, most of the students get distracted from time to time with the usage of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or checking their mobile phones all the time. These things can distract you from the work you may be doing and may take more time than usual to finish tasks. And at the end of the day, when you are not done with particular tasks, you may be left with stress. Thus, the focus is a very important thing to complete one task and move to another.

Take care of your health

A balanced diet is important for a person to carry all his daily chores including studies and work. You need a lot of energy and thus taking the right amount of nutrition is essential. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and include a lot of proteins, fresh fruits and veggies in your diet. All these things help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, imparting a stress-free life.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking consumes more amounts of your energy than usual. And in many cases, it’s proven that it ends up taking more time than individual tasks. So, the best way to complete a task is to finish one and then move to another one. However, avoid trying everything at the same time. Take breaks in between, this could prevent you from draining extra amounts of energy.

Final thoughts

Implementing a healthy study, work-life balance becomes easier when proper measures are taken. Following these simple tips might not melt all your stress away, but it will help you stay sound while maintaining a busy schedule.

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