How International students can use LinkedIn to their advantage:


There are chances that you have heard about LinkedIn if you are an international student. It is an online social network that is devoted to professional purposes and collaboration such as Twitter or Facebook. A LinkedIn profile is more or less similar to an online resume. As a student, you can create a LinkedIn profile by posting your contact information, professional skills, a full background of jobs, description of employment, and specifics of formal qualifications. LinkedIn was mainly created for Industrial relations networking and then gradually it developed into a job search site. Nowadays, recruiters use LinkedIn as a platform to review the open positions for the applicants and to find applications for their available positions.

Some of the key tips and benefits on how you can get benefitted by connecting with professionals on this social networking site have been listed-below.

  1. You will get job Email Alerts

Once you have created a profile in LinkedIn, you can set the job email alerts to receive notifications of the job that suits your profile. As soon as you sign in to your LinkedIn accounts, you can see the notifications on your homepage.

  1. Connecting with professionals

Once you log into your LinkedIn account, you will be surprised at the large number of jobseekers, students, and professionals who choose to connect here. In fact, you can find your co-workers, classmates, friends, relatives, and even family members on this networking platform. And, it’s never a big deal connecting with them all. Moreover, you can even import your contacts or email list to find out who among your close ones are using an account in LinkedIn.

  1. Conducting Company research

This is one of the important benefits offered by LinkedIn for International students and job seekers as they can check out the pages or accounts of their targeted professionals. But, by doing so, you can do your homework on the whereabouts of the company, their hiring process, general details about the company, and what people say about the organization. This kind of company research will help you a lot to stay ahead of your competition and increases your employability rate.

  1. Getting recommendations

LinkedIn has also come up with a feature through which employers and other people could get to recommend you. People with a maximum number of recommendations would probably have a great chance of grabbing the employer’s attention. International students can also try to get as many recommendations as possible to increase their employability rate.

  1. Connecting with other students

International students can use LinkedIn as an opportunity to connect with other students. This type of gesture from your side will help you to find out how the graduates of other colleges got hired by an employer.

Bottom lines

It’s all about time that almost all the International students from different universities too created a profile in LinkedIn and started to use it for connecting with employers. So, prepare yourself as soon as possible and stay ahead of the competition when it comes to finding a job of your interest.

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