How To Maintain Your Synthetic Turf Melbourne?


When the Artificial Turf was found, they used it in a stadium and playground. As days went by, people started to use it in their residential areas, office, restaurants, etc. A lot think that the Synthetic Turf Melbourne can enhance the look of their garden, in a place where the natural one may not grow. One of the reasons why a lot choose is because of its durability to last long. But for that, you might give it a few maintenance services. If you don’t know what they are, read the below lines. It talks about some of the best maintenance tips you can provide for your fake lawn.

  • Brush Your Synthetic Turf Melbourne

 Your artificial turfs have sand infill, which helps them to provide a look as good as a real one. It’ll take nearly 6-8 weeks for it’s to settle from the time it is installed. At such times you can brush it lightly to get it properly settled on your lawn. Apart from that foot traffics, whether such things can also affect your fake lawn. Prevent them from happening you can brush your tuft in the places, where it might face a lot of foot traffics. Also in all other different directions, this helps it to have an upright position. You can do this activity once a month; it’ll also help your synthetic turf to give a natural look. While doing that make sure to use synthetic bristles, because metal or wire can affect your lawn.

  • Wash Away Debris

If you are living in dry areas or if it’s autumn, you have to face debris such as leaves, pollen, and twigs. To clean them all you can simply use water compared to using some chemical components which may damage your lawn. After washing them with water let them dry completely, through that you can avoid the problem of someone accidentally getting slipped in it. Even though such debris wouldn’t do much harm to your artificial turf, it’ll support the growth of weeds. Suppose if you did find the weeds in your fake lawn, you must need to take care of it immediately. If it’s only a few in you can easily pull them out, but as for other cases, you can use weedicides. As a form of maintenance service, you can use weedicides twice a year.

5 Easy Ideas To Take Care Of Fake Grass Toowoomba

  • Remove Stains 

Accidently you spill your drinks such as tea, coffee and juice are still possible, it’s normal everyone would do that. At those times what’s not correct is not removing them immediately. So, to clean these mild stains, you can use a mixture of water and detergent and use it on the affected areas. Apart from that, there must be times you face stubborn stains like greases and motor oils. In those times rather than trying to go for the above mixture, you can choose a mineral spirit to draw out them. While cleaning, only spray or mop the cleaning components in the affected area. After that, you can wash your whole turf by using water to avoid the above mixtures getting spread into other places apart from affected areas. It can also give it a fresh look.

  • Clean The Pet Waste

Your pet definitely likes this fake lawn, as often it plays on this, you must face with the waste of them too. They are not so difficult to clean, whether it’s a solid or a liquid waste you have to wait until it’s dry, then as simple as cool water can clean that. But the thing, which affects one a lot through such wastes is the bad odor you gain from that. And the bacteria which grow in the place where your cute pet often urinate. Through enzyme cleaner, you can deal with the unpleasant smell. To treat the bacteria use a mixture of vinegar and water, if you need an alternative solution go for hydrogen peroxide. After that, clean the place with water, to prevent chemical damage.

  • Replace the High-Traffic Places

A high qualified fake lawn can approximately last for twenty to twenty-five years, with proper maintenance. But there must be times the place, with a lot of foot traffics or where you place a heavy object can get damaged. At such times, rather than replacing your entire turf, with the help of a professional, you can change the damaged part. It’ll not only save your time but also your money too.

Final Lines

The above lines talk about the maintenance tips of Synthetic Turf MelbourneIf you need a professional to give a service to your lawn, go to Auzzie Turf. We are all about artificial grass products and services. We’ll also install them at your residential and commercial areas, schools, swimming pool, and as for your decorations too. So, if you want to enhance your place with a fake lawn, make sure to contact us for genuine and trustworthy services.

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