How To Clean & Care For Your Synthetic Turf Gold Coast?

Synthetic Turf Gold Coast


Nowadays the demand for Synthetic Turf Gold Coast is increasing among people. It’s because with it you don’t have to face lots of health problems on your lawn. And it also has the capacity to last long for a long time. With that from being an environmentally friendly product to the safe one for your children, there is a lot you gain from it. Yet if you want to maintain its durability you have to give it proper care. Even though it doesn’t need the same maintenance as the real one it requires unique care. All that can be done by you with that you can give this a fresh look. And here are the tips to maintain artificial grass.  


Avoid The Use Of Corrosive Chemical Near Synthetic Turf Gold Coast


You may or may not know corrosive chemicals can affect your turf in a negative way. For example, if you use harsh cleaners it’ll cause irreversible damage to your fake lawn. After that, you couldn’t expect you can gain the same benefits which you got while it’s in good shape. So make sure to avoid such types of things near artificial grass. Simple things like food from bird feeders, dead bugs, and leaves can emit corrosive chemicals. When you see the presence of that remove them immediately.


Keep The Natural Look 


Your artificial turf has the infill, it helps to protect the backing system of the lawn. With this, you can ensure your grass field must have the natural look. But after the installation, it’ll take some period to settle in the ground. In that initial period if you want to fit correctly make sure to lightly brush them. And you can also do the same procedure in the directions where your turf might face heavy foot traffic. With that, you can maintain the uptight position and also it’ll help in the long run.


Dust & Stain Removal 


You couldn’t be sure you’ll never encounter stains and dust in your grass fiend. If you face them you have the responsibility to remove them immediately. The best for that is a simple rainfall, but you couldn’t always depend on that, right? So you can just use the hose and wash away the dust with the help of normal water. And when you face the stains caused by blood, coffee, and alcohol you can mix the detergent with water to clean that. If it’s a heavier one like oil or grease just go for mineral spirits to remove them.  


Treatment For Bacteria & Mould 


Because of the waste of your pets, you could encounter bacteria in your artificial lawn. So as soon as you encounter such things let them dry and clean without spending more time. After that, you can use an enzyme cleaner to remove the stench. Still, if the bacteria grow in your place you can treat it with a mixer of vinegar and water. As for mould using hydrogen-peroxide is the better choice. 

Final Lines

These are some of the simple maintenance tips which help in the long run for your Synthetic Turf Gold Coast. And if you want to have this environmentally free product at your place go to  we are a wholesaler of fake lawn. With our premium high-end grasses you can give a beautiful look to your place for a long time. We also offer seven years of warranty so trusting us is not so hard.    


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