Complete Guideline Regarding The Installation Of Fake Turf Melbourne

Fake Turf Melbourne

The green environment is declining tremendously due to increasing concrete forests. So, people opt to turn their free space at home into a greeny environment. One of the best choices to enhance the living place is by installing Fake Turf MelbourneThe maintenance is minimal and no sunlight is needed for its lush look. Regular trimming or spraying of fertilizer isn’t also necessary after grounding the artificial green grass. But the installation procedure needs to be done in an appropriate way to avoid flooding and improper draining issues. To know about how to install the fake grass correctly step-by-step, have a give read through the content.


The first and foremost step is to know the area of your back lawn or balcony. With the assistance of your home mate measure the free space where the green fake grass will install. It is good to use 100-foot tape for smaller spaces. Furthermore, with the support of the Google aerial map application, figure out the number of grass turf you will need. Depending on the requirement you can purchase the turf rolls. The fake grass can also be tailor-made to cover the additional or excess area. While shopping for rolls try to get the material made out of high quality. The product offering with discount is going to have a short lifespan and it will fade easily. Therefore, keep in mind to get the best green turf by consulting the seller.

Demolition & Cleaning

The subsequent step is to clear all the vegetation, debris, and other items from the installing area. Use a soft bristles broom to clean the dust and other particles from the space. In this stage, you will also be in need of a landscaping rake and taming machine for leveling the uneven ground. After making the floor even, water spray the base and compact the area with a lawn roller. The hecticness of this task will solely depend on the condition of the floor. Clear the area with care to avoid hurt due to thorns, and debris.

Roll Off Fake Turf Melbourne

The following step is to unroll and layout the artificial grass on the area. Cut off the additional ends and line up the edges. Then use a tape in the middle of two pieces and attach the seam. Now roll back one piece of turf on the seam tape and then line up the other side. Continue the process until the space is properly installed with green turf. Ensure to place the turf fibers facing your home for giving elegance to your sweet nest.


The next step is to use a stiff-bristled broom for making the grass stand upright. Most of the time grass isn’t straight due to rolling and transporting. So, use the right tool for making the grass stand up. The lying down grass won’t please visitor’s eyes or enhance the home’s beauty. Therefore, use a brush to enhance the lush greeny upright visuals of turf.

Know The Steps To Install Fake Turf Melbourne

Infill The Area

Now use a spreader to add sand in between the grass fibers. The general recommendation for infilling is about 1/2″ to 3/4″ depth. Once you have done with the task, broom again to remove the excessive dust from the ground and to upright the turf. While shopping for a brushing machine try to find the qualitative one for easier completion of work. The wrong cleaning or improper brushing of the new greeny turf will result in leaving over wrinkles on the ground. So, be cautious while infilling the green turf to enjoy the slow release of the moisture in nature.

Secure The Area

Add edging or any other material for staking down the turf. There is a need for high-quality nails of about 6 to 8 inches in length to stake the fake grass. This securing feature will help in eliminating damage on grass due to pet bites and other factors.

Closing Lines

The above-given are the steps to install Fake Turf Melbourne. If you are in need of qualitative artificial grass at a reasonable cost, then visit Auzzie Turf. We offer a supreme-quality product with a 7-year warranty at the best price. Our professionals also offer flawless installation that will turn your home into a better destination.

Summary – Once before installing the Fake Turf Melbourne make sure the steps are match with your expectations.

Author Bio – An author is here to guide the users with easy steps of Fake Turf Melbourne that are quite easy to understand.

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